New Kenwoodians


If you're new to Historic Kenwood - a very warm welcome! If we haven't made our way to your doorstep just yet, please let us know you're here. Just call or send an email to anyone on our board. We'd like to bring you a Welcome Basket and invite you in person to our monthly porch parties and neighborhood association meetings. We hope you'll find the information and list of resources on this website helpful.


If you're exploring a possible move to Historic Kenwood, please use this website as a place to begin your search. But then come and spend some time here. Drive our brick-paved streets. Discover one of the largest collections of American bungalow architecture in the country. Stroll around and talk to folks. Come to a porch party, a  neighborhood association meeting, or a special event. In case you're worried about being an outsider, it may help you to know that a great many of us came from somewhere else. We have residents who have moved to Kenwood from Hawaii, the Canadian Pacific Northwest, Massachussetts, New Jersey, Mississippi, and everywhere in between. And from other countries, too. It may just be our own newcomer experience that makes us want to pass it on and be sure you feel welcome, too.